Room fragrance is essential

For revoltab, room scent is not a luxury, but indispensable. We address this issue with the uncompromising seriousness it deserves and make it easily accessible to a worldwide audience. The revoltab solution combines premium design, the latest Swiss technology, intelligent diffuser control, efficient maintenance methods, revolutionary “as a service” purchase models and beautifully designed room fragrances.

Scent touches our senses

Even a subtle whiff in the air triggers our memories, directs our emotions and determines our actions. Room scents significantly shape the atmosphere of an environment and influence our well-being and state of mind.

Our fragrance creations inspire

Our perfumers develop unique room fragrance worlds and surprise with the combination of unique aromatic substances. With a team of world-class perfumers, we develop high-quality room fragrances. Only the best ingredients are carefully combined to create unique room fragrance combinations. High quality ingredients lead to a great fragrance experience. Our room fragrances are timeless in style and innovative at the same time.