The most important questions at a glance



Please check the legal requirements in the country of installation. We recommend that you always consult a specialist (electrician) for installation.

No. The Smart Diffuser is only controllable via WLAN connection.

To activate the Smart Diffuser, download the revoltab APP. The app guides you step by step through the activation process and connection to the Wi-Fi.

No. The Smart Diffuser is connected directly to the power.

During start-up, the Bluetooth function must be activated on the mobile in order to connect to the Smart Diffuser. In the next step, the desired WLAN is selected and the Bluetooth connection is no longer necessary after that.

Smart diffuser and room fragrance tabs

The Smart Diffuser is available in black and white.

The room fragrance tabs are available in black and white.

One Smart Diffuser covers the area of up to 40 m2. If the room is larger, we recommend installing another Smart Diffuser.

Mobile and Dashboard App

Yes. The revoltab mobile app is available for iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play Store).

Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (Apple Store)

Yes. The transmitted data is 100% protected by the latest technology. Please also note the revoltab privacy policy.

Open the browser, and log in if you have an existing account. If no account exists, register and create a new account.

Room fragrance tab and fragrance compositions

The tab contains fragrance for a maximum run time of about 500 hours. The mobile app / dashboard displays the remaining time and informs in advance when a reorder is required. When the room fragrance tab is empty, the Smart Diffuser automatically turns off.

The mobile or dashboard APP provides this information and informs when action is needed.

The revoltab system is completely sustainable and the used room fragrance tabs can be recycled. The used room fragrance tabs can be returned to revoltab – we will take care of everything else.

Yes, all our fragrance compositions contain essential oils. revoltab uses only high-quality, vegan ingredients. Our ingredients meet the highest requirements of the IFRA standard.